Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Introducing the Anti-Marxist Internet Archive!

Thank you for stopping by, and welcome to the Official Blog for the Anti-Marxists Internet Archive.  The first question anyone might have for us is: Who are you and what the heck is your purpose?  To answer that question, the Anti-Marxists Internet Archive is a movement.  It includes a library of all kinds of books, articles, pamphlets, texts, and media dedicated to promoting sound sound political, economic, and social schools of thought that add a counter-weight to balance out the flawed Marxist doctrines.  The AMIA also includes the individuals who contribute to it.

The AMIA's library is meant to providing these materials for self education free of charge.  That means anyone can go to our library and learn free of charge.  That's why  it's a library and not an online bookstore.  In case anyone is wondering about copyright infringement, the AMIA respects copyrights and abides by the U.S. Copyright Offices rules of Fair Use.

Others might wonder why we're "red baiting" or dedicating ourselves to go against Marxism.  The truth is that we're not red baiting at all.  To red bait is to accuse someone of being a Communist or a socialist, or to denounce someone for being a Communist or a socialist.  The AMIA accuses no one and it denounces no one.  We respect everyone's right to believe in whatever philosophies and causes they wish to.  As the "About Us" section of the AMIA main website says:

"While the authors and volunteers who contribute to the Anti-Marxist Internet Archive have an academic respect for many Marxist thinkers, we disagree with the overall philosophies that fall under the umbrellas of Socialism/Marxism/Communism, and we believe that ultimately they cause more damage, destruction, pain, and misery than they are meant to alleviate.  That is why we have raised up and compiled an online library of free thinkers who advocate freedom, the exchange of ideas which favor freedom, and those of sound politics and economics.  These authors are scientists, economists, political analysts, theologians, and other critical thinkers who have contributed to various schools of thought.  There are also writings by various Marxist authors which are commonly criticized and refuted by the free thinkers.   It is our hope that Marxists and non-Marxists alike will be able to come to this online library to learn and reflect.

This internet archive is a quiet place in cyberspace reserved for tolerance, mutual respect, and the exchange of ideas." Source: http://www.antimarxists.com/

We believe that the "fight" against Marxism should be a battle of ideas waged with pen and paper and not fists or weapons.  We are about offerin ideas, not shoving them down anyone's throat.

Why do we use the name Anti-Marxist?  Because the names "Capitalist Internet Arhive" or "Freedom Internet Archive" don't adequately cover the many fields that the one word "Marxism" covers.  Marx was a writer, and his writings and ideas cover politics, economics, history, science, religion, philosophy, and an array of other things.  Because we disagree with his ideas, only the name "Anti-Marxists" adequately covers the wide array of authors we have.

We now hope that you, the reader, will visit the Anti-Marxists Internet Archive.  If not, then you may proceed to take the red pill or the blue pill.

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