Friday, June 17, 2011

The AMIA now offers FREE e-books!

Yes, it's true!  Thanks to the generosity of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute, the Anti-Marxists Internet Archive is proud to offer FREE e-books (EPUB) at the E-Library.  Apart from the 100+ books and articles that can be read online and the dozens of books that can be downloaded as PDFs, the EPUB e-books can be read on your Kindle, Nook, or other e-reader devices.  All for free!

We have just added:

-The Bastiat Collection, including Frederic Bastiat's most important piece, "That Which Is Seen and That Which Is Not Seen"

-Karl Marx and the Close of His System by Egen Bohm-Bawerck

-Out Of Step by Frank Chodorov

-The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality by Ludwig Von Mises

-Planned Chaos by Ludwig Von Mises

More will come soon!

The Anti-Marxists Internet Archive team works hard volunteering time and effort to bring YOU a wealth of knowledge and information on sound economics, sound politics, and freedom.  Please help out by spreading the word!  Tell all your friends to visit today!

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