Thursday, March 22, 2012

Taiwanese Authorities Detain Chinese Spy

March 21, Associated Press – (International) Spies target Taiwan’s U.S.-made defenses. Taiwanese security personnel detained a suspected spy for China at a top secret military base that utilizes sensitive U.S. technology in February, the Associated Press reported March 21. The air force captain was the fourth Taiwanese in 14 months known to have been picked up on charges of spying for China. While Taiwan’s defense ministry did not disclose details of the alleged offense, his base in the northern part of the island hosts the air force’s highly classified radar system and U.S.-made Patriot surface-to-air missiles. The captain’s arrest followed that of a major general, who had access to crucial information on Taiwan’s U.S.-designed command and control system, and a civilian, who the defense ministry says tried without success to inveigle Patriot-related secrets from an unnamed military officer. A fourth alleged spy was detained on non-defense-related charges. The cases show China is seeking data about systems integral to Taiwan’s defenses and built with sensitive U.S. equipment. Information about the defense systems could also help the People’s Liberation Army understand other U.S. defenses.

Source: via Homeland Security Daily Open Source Infrastructure Report

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