Monday, February 27, 2012

Nepali Maoism is Bankrupt

From the World Socialist Party (US)’s FN Brill:
In 2008 we commented on the Nepali Maoist Party, the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist, rise to state power and their simultaneous capitulation to any sort of pretense of being socialists. Like the “comrade” in this cartoon, it turns out they would much rather break-unions and shake down their members for money in order for their leader, Prachanda, to live in a home in Kathmandu’s exclusive Lazimpat befitting a “man of Prachanda’s stature” than carry the manure for the revolution.
Yeah, not surprising at all for us. Maoism, as a form of Leninism, derives from the theories of Social-Democracy not marxism. In social-democracy, there is an emphasis on changing the leadership of capitalism rather than overthrowing it. What they advocate, in essence, is trading one boss for what becomes another set of administrators of capitalism.
Check out a longer article over at Libcom.
Editor’s note: Brill’s conclusion on replacing one boss with another is very correct; however, in each Socialist sect’s stubborn insistence that its own form of Marxism is the only correct one, Brill is blind to the fact that the dictatorship of the proletariat, the seizing of the state, which must now be “democratic” and socialist, is a necessary stage in history before the rise of full Communism. Leninism is the only way bourgeois states will be replaced with a Marxian socialist state.  However, entire economies and societies cannot be planned, and the system quickly breaks down amidst corruption just like in the Nepal Maoist Party, the Chinese Communist Party, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and other smaller counterparts across the world.