Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Slovak Republic’s National Day

Hillary Rodham Clinton
September 1, 2011

Note: Czechoslovakia was one country ruled brutally by the Soviet Union.  The Prague Spring in 1968 brought a brief hope of democracy until the Soviet Army invaded Czechoslovakia, instated a new puppet government, and did away with the “counter-revolution.”  After the fall of the USSR, free elections resulted in the partition of Czechoslovakia as independent democratic countries: the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, commonly known as Slovakia.

On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I congratulate the people of the Slovak Republic on the anniversary of your constitution this September 1.

Nineteen years ago, the people of Slovakia adopted an independent constitution that enabled your country’s extraordinary transition to a sustainable democracy. Today the Slovak Republic is a pillar of regional stability, a leader in economic integration, and a model for security cooperation. Our two nations share a mutual commitment to promoting freedom and defending our shared democratic values around the world. The strong cultural and familial ties between Slovakia and the United States have fostered a close partnership and an enduring friendship between our countries and our people.

As you celebrate this milestone in your democratic heritage, I wish all Slovaks continued peace and prosperity in the year to come.

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