Friday, September 30, 2011

Federal Republic of Germany's National Day

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State

East German Volkspolizei (People's
Police) wait for the official opening of
the Brandernerg Gate, 22 DEC 1989
On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I am delighted to congratulate the people of Germany as you celebrate the anniversary of German reunification this October 3. Just over 20 years ago, Germany’s reunification was not a foregone conclusion. Today, the story of Germany inspires countries around the world. You eradicated old prejudices and borders and came together as a nation. Over the last 20 years, Germany has committed to building a strong, peaceful country and you have influenced countless others to do the same. Today, you are a foundation for the European Union and NATO. In almost every corner of the globe, from the Middle East, to Asia, to South America, Germany stands as a powerful force for democracy and human rights.
Re-enactment of the V-J Day
Times Square photo by a
German couple, 12:01 AM on
Reunification night, Cologne.

I hope this anniversary is a time for every German to reflect on how far your country has come. You should be proud of the example you have set. I send my deepest congratulations and look forward to strengthening our cooperation even more as we work to build a more peaceful and prosperous world.

Note: The free and prosperous Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) absorbed the socialist German Democratic Republic (East Germany) failed state on October 3, 1990, bringing instant job opportunities, wealth, and a higher standard of living to the beleagured citizens of the USSR's puppet state.

The Volkspolizei photo is in the public domain. Kissing photo by Gary Mark Smith, used via Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.  Both were obtained from Wikimedia Commons.

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